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Saturday, June 25, 2011

2010 Hair Colors | Brown Hair Colors

Blondes are fortunate: trends in hair dye colors are more 2011 fashion dark. Pay attention in soft tints just as flax, wheat and light fair. Acid ash gray and white have been in the past.

Brunettes who like eggplant, saturated or deep black color dyes must escape to follow fashion favorite. The trends in hair dye following year to pay attention to the warm colors like chocolate and caramel.

The balls of red hair has the widest selection, because the next season all variations of red is in vogue. Redhead allowed out from the crowd with his brilliance and individuality. The hair color trends pay a lot of attention to the colors bronze, gold and honey.

Creative people can add to your dye some striped light or dark, depending on the main color. But remember that the transitions between colors should be soft and smooth to find a natural way. You can alternate different shades of the same color. There is also a variant of the gradual change of color along the hair from dark to light colored one.

Hair color ideas in 2011 have a propensity for natural dyes. But do not forget that the color must adapt. The hair color trends in 2011 is supposed to smooth natural dyes that attention to their individuality, but does not distract from your personality.

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