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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hair Styles For Men | Cool Hairstyles

A particular style is the afro. In the 70's and 80's afro was a mass of long hair swinging a short walk from the hip of a man. Today, the Afro has been significantly reduced, but still reflects the style and taste.

Another style is the Jheri curl. This versatile curl can wear their hair in a tousled look curly or gently brush the curls down a suavy, new sweep wavy pattern.

Braids have never really left the styling options for men of color, but it vanished for a while as a viable option, as it was synonymous with troublemakers or thugs. Today, braids are back and men can be seen sporting various wave patterns of long and short lengths.

Although in reality the absence of hair, baldness has become an increasingly popular option for men of color. Calvo requires the same upkeep, if not more, as does a short style. Classic elegance that many women find attractive bald choice speaks for itself.

Other black hairstyles for men who can stay or go include intricate lines that form words or symbols in the hair, bright colors such as blond ice cream in a small portion of the backside of the asymmetrical haircuts and different lengths .

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