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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Women Hairstyle Pictures | Women Hair Style Pictures

The first half of the book is mostly about hairdressing tools. Mancuso began with the hair texture and then writes about five power design tools, eight different combs, brushes and nine different. A summary of the salon followed by clips and pins and elastic coils. Section ends with five choices of rolls. There is also a short section of hair color, including highlights and lowlights.

Mancuso is kind enough to show the pictures of hairstyles great that we often see in the media represents a collaborative effort of beauty experts in some cases, spent many hours preparing the hair models. For example, the curls stunning supermodel Kirsty Hume took five hours to create and require the use of more than 50 permanent bars.

However, the author also provides many examples of their "Style File" haircuts he designed, within the reach of mere mortals who lack a professional team. The last half of the book has large pictures with step by step instructions to create 31 different hairstyles of celebrities.

Examples can be copied are almost exclusively for women, there are only three models of male hair. The main focus is hair and haircoloring not. However, Mancuso is an excellent example of how to add highlights to the Asian black straight hair.

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