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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Black Women Short Hairstyles Photos | Black Women Short Hairstyles

Most women of color have had their own experiences of struggling with afro hair. This has encouraged to make their move to have her hair relaxed and straightened more comfortable to embrace their natural curls.

Have natural curls that look exceptional, and often have a fresh and funky edge. Despite this in order to take full advantage of afro hair, it is vital for the treatment of natural curls properly. The main and most typical dilemma that women of color face with his afro hair is the frizzies. Being able to tame the frizzies, treatment of natural curls well and with some moisturizing hair, while hair is still wet.

If your hair is thick, then you better opt for the cream in place, and if you have fine hair frizzy, a moisturizing lotion will be okay. We must also bear in mind that you have to stay away from any heavy and sticky products such as waxes, as it dries the hair, and encourage more frizz.

Besides avoiding the wax, you have to avoid anything that contains even the smallest level smaller microscopic alcohol is occasionally found in hairspray. In addition to treating your hair like that, have a good hairstyle that will fix your natural curls are another good option.

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