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Friday, May 20, 2011

Chinese Women Hairstyles | Choppy Hairstyles

For those who have never come across the word before the mullet, the mullet is a hairstyle that is usually cut around the front of the head with the hair much longer in the back. Western or Asian mullet hairstyles are common nowadays.

The mullet began to be famous somewhere in the 1980's. Incredibly, it remains very popular even among the figures of celebrities, East or West. There are a number of mullet hairstyles.

Some men and women like to have curly hair in the front and sides of the head with long, straight hair in the back. This type of hair is highly prized by Asian women. Some women prefer long in the back while others may keep the hair to his shoulders in the back.

Another hair cut is made slightly curly hair on the forehead and sides of the head with long curly hair in the back. Some Asian men of Indian origin, as this type of hairstyle. Typically, tie your hair thoroughly with headbands when they go to work or attend any formal event.

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